Just what entity owns the domain windmill.com?

The American Windmill Museum sitting right in Lubbock owns that beautiful one-word domain, and as you may or may not know, acquiring a one-word domain is very difficult and expensive nowadays.

As you may have guessed it, this museum is all about windmills and how they were used in the past, and how they are being used today.

For example, if we take a look at Linebery Windmill Park, you’ll see 28 acres that house over 70 historic windmills. What’s really cool about this is that some of these windmills are in use today. The windmills will either pump water from a well, recirculate water from a tank, or just display their historic beauty.

As you stroll through the museum you’ll get a glimpse of human ingenuity, vision, and purpose. Many people used windmills for different reasons, and it’s amazing to know that the human mind was even able to think of machines that can do work for people, and yet look beautiful at peaceful at the same time.

Something interesting to note for businesses is that you can host small business meetings, seminars, and/or luncheons that the museum.

And, for those seeking a twist to their marriage ceremonies, a covered patio that is 6,816 square feet of banquet space is available.

If you visit the museum’s website you’ll be in for a treat. With 6-foot tall decorative windmills for sale, posters, toys, books, and toys available, you may just be able to grab that “thing” you were looking for without knowing what that the thing is.

At any rate, if you want a look at another historical view of the United States, and even Lubbock, be sure to go and visit the American Windmill Museum in Lubbock, and if you are looking for guided tours, or a school tour they are available by appointment.

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